EVX store took time to shape over the years from the idea of establishing to getting into a reality. The founders of our store are hyperactive as some are nature walkers and athletes and also cycling. One of the founders was interested in road cycling. The other one has been a hardened mountain biker from a young age. Their bond grew when they came together for Sahkopotkulaudat, meaning the kickboards business, as they started selling electric kickboards.
Electric scooters like Sahkopotkulaudat are not much renowned in the market. Electric scooters have rechargeable batteries that you can recharge once the power is off, just like other electronic gadgets. The overall cost of buying a normal scooter is less than the fuel price that needs to be filled after every ride. The price of fuel is also increasing day by day without a stop. So the maintenance charge of a normal scooter is a lot higher than electric scooters. Therefore electric scooters are always worth buying. They are also convenient for the common man, are portable, and also eco-friendly, and that is the reason the popularity of electric scooters is increasing nowadays.

As we also sell electric kickboards and it's a fast seller, we can tell you that even an electric kickboard is clearly a cost-effective mode of transportation. I won't say that it may replace four-wheelers as there are too many differences to count for, but electric kickboards are pocket-friendly and always a good idea for short distances.
We have different types of electric kickboards and scooters in our EVX store Suomi. One of them is Sahkopotkulauta FAT 2.0 Musta meaning Electric kickboard FAT 2.0 Black. We have various colors as well for your choices as the collection is widespread, making it difficult situation for you to select our amazing products. Other than the color, we also have kickboards of different waltzes. For example we have Sahkopotkulauta of 800w and also pf 1000 waltz. There is a wide range from 80w to 2000w. The cost differs accordingly.
Climate change is becoming a serious issue on earth due to the pollution mostly which comes from fuels using vehicles. As these are worsening our environment, we can't avoid moving from one place to another. For a sustainable mobility solution, stores like EVX are focusing on electric scooters and kickboards which will be a great change to our existential crises.

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